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    Something different "Ramblings Of A Mad Man" by Paul Finnerty

     This is a book of Writings, lyric's and Poetry

     That are Politically Incorrect.

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        Australia In The World Today     (A layman’s view)

   Some people might find this book enlightening while others will find it brain numbing.

  It has a timeline starting from the 50s and tries to tell how Australia is today, politically, environmentally, economically, Etc.


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  The Life & Times of Sean O'Connor and Patrick Finnigan

                                                                     1798 - 1804



Sean O’Connor and Patrick Finnigan are two young Irish men who are caught up in the spirit of their times, they can see the injustices of the Protestant Ascendancy and the Tyranny of the British. Inspired by the American and French revolutions and influenced by the writings of  Wolfe Tone and Thomas Paine they join the United Irish.



olfe Tone and Thomas Paine they join the United Irish.


 Below are CD's of Instrumentals I have recorded, featuring banjo and guitar in various styles.

              All are available from CD Baby, itunes, Amazon, Excetera.

  All tunes are available for license from Music Dealers, Music Revolution, Music Supervisor, Yooka Music, Audio Micro,  Beatscore

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 Latin & Reggae                    Jazzy Stuff                         Banjo Ditties                       "Sorta Country"              New Orleans Banjo             Southern Sounds    


Music From The Round Hole         Me, Mandy & Joe

       Paul Finnerty's 'Old Mans Music'

  This is a CD of public domain music that I have played in jazz bands for most of my life, it is played in the New Orleans style, with me playing the melody on guitar and banjo, has 19 tunes and worth a listen.


For those who still use CD's $25.00 including postage.


  'Old Mans Music Two'

 Another CD of public domain tunes, 20 tunes including Danny Boy.





For those who still use CD's $25.00 including postage.



 Paul Finnerty's     'Long Lonely Road'

                    20 Original tunes featuring Banjo & Guitar




For those who still use CD's $25.00 including postage.

  Paul Finnerty's               1930's Music

          21 Tunes all time greats





For those who still use CD's $25.00 including postage.

               Paul Finnerty  "Go'n Nowhere"

         19 Original tunes featuring the banjo & guitar







YE OLDEN JAZZ DAYS                                                                 STEAM ENGINES

                                                                                      Geoff Bull Band


                     Tom Baker

           Visitors to this web site would have noticed that the CD's & DVD's for sale have been removed, this is because most people do not remember Tom Baker and the fact that for every CD sold there are 100 pirate copies made, making the whole effort pointless.

  We still have a Tom Baker CD & DVD in stock, click on Tom's picture.





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