Finnerty's Banjo Ditties 

   My wife wanted a CD of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole who is a Hawaiian singer, I was quite impressed with the sound and feel of the music as it reminded me of the string bands that used to be common when I was a child.

It sort of crossed my mind that I've been playing tenor banjo in New Orleans jazz bands most of my life, why not write some banjo tunes.

  I was also impressed by the sound of the Ukulele so I went out and bought one.

Just as in jazz bands, my band consists of piano, bass and drums but instead of having the horns out the front, the banjo, guitar and ukulele interchange playing the melody and improvisation.

As I said the banjo is a much maligned instrument and becoming extinct, so this is for the few people who like banjo.


 There is 16 tunes on this CD

                 $25.00 Aus Mailed anywhere


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