TOM'S CHICAGO SEVEN                                                                  


The Chicago Seven was formed by Tom in 1980 and played together till Tom's death in 2001, it was Tom's main band and always had a residency, playing at the Vulcan Hotel first, then the Strawberry Hills Hotel for eight years and after that the Wynyard Hotel as well as touring around Australia.  The band never went overseas but Tom toured every year.  In the time that the band played together there has been only one change, this being Paul Furniss taking over David Ridyard's chair when David left the band.  The band consisted of :- 

  Dave Ridyard & Paul Finnerty      Tom Baker Tpt, Sax, Tbn & Vocals

    David Ridyard Clt, Sax ---------Paul Furniss Clt, Sax

     Pat Qua  Piano

     Don Heap  Bass

                                      Lynn Wallis  Drums    

                                      Roger Janes  Trombone & Vocals

                                      Paul Finnerty  Banjo & Guitar

The musicians in this band were a diverse lot, other than music they didn't share much in common.  Everyone being passionate about their music was the common thread.  The amount of recorded music is very limited even though the band played together for so long, I think one of the reasons was that we couldn't imagine that Tom or Roger would both die in the same year.  Photo's of the band are also very rare.