The Unity Hall has had a long tradition of having a regular jazz band playing there at least once a week over a period of thirty four years.  Garry Walford has been playing there for all of that time and was treated as part of the family by the owners of the hotel, I should say that he probably could have bought the pub with the money he has put over the bar in that time.  The first owner to put on a band was John Crawford in 1971, the pub was taken over by Flo Hardman in 1974 and Flo's grandson Will Hardman took over from Flo when she passed away.  Some musicians that have performed at the hotel over the years are listed below.

          1971             Roger Grahem. Tpt  Chris Williams, Tbn  Adrian Ford, Pno 

                     Peter Gallen, Bs  Geoff Holden, Bjo  Viv Carter, Dms  David Ridyard, Clt

  Late 1972          Geoff Bull, Tpt   Chris Williams,   David Ridyard,    Don Heap, Bs

                                            Gary Walford, Pno     Mike Lay, Dms

         1973       Ian Barns, Tpt  Warren Mc Clusky, Bs  Gary Walford, Chris Williams

         1974                Ian Barns, Gary Walford,  Dick Gillespie, Dms

                                              Chris Williams

          1975     As above with Lynn Wallis replacing Dick Gillespie on Dms

  Late 1976       Roger Janes, Tbn  Geoff Holden, David Ridyard, Lynn Wallis,

                                  Geoff Bull, Gary Walford,  Don Heap.

         1977        Roger Janes takes over the band.  Richard Edser, Bs  Lynn Wallis,

                                  Gary Walford,  David Ridyard.

         1978            Marty Moonie, Clt  Roger Janes,  Gary Walford

                                           Don Heap,  Lynn Wallis

       From 1978 onwards the line up remained fairly regular with Paul Williams taking Marty Moonie's chair on Clarinet and Alan Geddes, Viv Carter and Lynn Wallis on Drums.  In 2000 Roger Janes was hit by a car which proved to be fatal, his chair was taken over by Tom Baker and later Geoff Bull Tpt and Paul Furniss Clt Shared the front line.  In 2001 Tom Baker died,  the band changed it's name to the Unity Hall Jazz Band and consisted of Geoff Bull Tpt, Dan Barnett Tbn, Paul Furniss Clt, Don Heap Bs, Gary Walford Pno, with Lloyd Taylor Dms, this line up was for the Friday nights. 

In 2008 Lloyd Taylor died.

The band now only plays on Sunday afternoons, the band consists of the rhythm section with various front line players such as :- Bob Henderson, George Washingmachine, Alan Davies, Dan Barnett, Etc.

 The band plays every Sunday afternoon from 3 - 6 PM Upstairs in the workers bar.











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