As we live opposite a train station we have the privilege of seeing various steam trains pass.   I have come to discover that among my jazz friends there are some steam fanatics such as Peter Anson and Allan English, Allan also makes model trains.  Both Peter and Allan let me know when an interesting steam train comes through allowing me to get my camera out. Steam engines are fascinating pieces of engineering that I never get tired of looking at.  Do you Remember your mother saying, " Don't stick your head out the window, because you'll get a cinder in your eye "and you did and it did.


Below is a picture to make most steam lovers cry, or envious this is Enfield rail yard 1963, showing all the steam engines to be  scrapped.









               Engine 1919 it is the second oldest in New South Wales.

Sent in by David and Anne Smith ( David's pride & joy ).  This engine runs on the Glenreagh Mountain Railway and is affectionately known as "Betty".  Glenreagh is about a half hours drive north from Coffs Harbor on a back road from Grafton.  Steam weekends are normally the first weekend of every month.  For information ring  02 6652 6998

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                                                       ALLAN ENGLISH

 The Pictures below are of  Allan's  model trains, they are fascinating and the workmanship is fantastic. Allan is an old hand at it as he has been doing it for years, some are his originals and others are models bought as kits.  All are hand painted and all the backdrop, signage etcetera are his design.  He also featured in the model magazine that's shown.  



           These photos are from Allan's collection that he has taken over the years.   I have made  comments  to the best of my limited knowledge, I just enjoy looking at them and the engineering.            

Replica of the Rocket. Hyde Park Sydney 1982

Flying Scotsman in Australia 1989

Higgins Family, Photographers on train


Scrap siding Enfield 1963

R.T.M. Loco3001

Museum Train Tour Picton 1979

125 years of rail at Central 1980

1981, 3214 & 1243

1709, Thirlmere in 1995

150th year of rail in NSW, Parramatta 26-9-05. 1710

Darling Harbour 1964 - 65

Enfield scrap siding, 1963

2705 at Thirlmere in 1995

3001 at Central in 1995

R.T.M. Loco 3001, 1984

Cowra L.V.R. Loco 3026, June 1988

Loco 3026, 1980

30 class Loco, Enfield 1957

30 class Loco at Enfield 9-6-57

Enfield open day, 1995

Open Day at Clive 1986

Clyde 1986


Picton, 1979

1981, Loco 3214


Loco 3642, Sept 2005

Loco3642 in 2005

Darling Harbour 1991

Steam train rides, Regents Park Loop from Central 1981

Darling Harbour 1991


Rail heritage for public transport week, 1998

3801 Picton 1988

Near Yass junction, 3801 & 5910 1988

3801 ?

1999, 3801 painted black

Open day Enfield 1995

1980 ?



1997 Re-entering service, from museum

At Power House Museum 1997

An Olive Green 3830 Year ?


Kiama 1983, Loco 5461

1984, ? Loco 5461

Promo 1989, Loco 5910

Open day Enfield 1995, 5910

Promotion & Fund raising, Strathfield 1989. Loco 5910

1986, Loco 5910

Mansfield ? Loco 6032

Dorrego 1990

5920 in storage, Hunter Valley 1982

140th Anniversary 1995

Rail Motors 1 & 7 1998

First Electric Train

Werris creek, 1965 engines 3036 & 3616

Rail Motor Set, Central 1981

Lachlan Valley Railway, Cowra Loco's 1983

Disel 4201 on stock siding 1988

125 years of rail, Loco 4306

A hard working life, Lithgow 1985

1210 Parramatta 150th year of rail 26-9-05

ARHS Meuseum Canberra 1993

Engine 1210 125th year of rail

Enfield 1963

3526 Thirlmere 05

3526 Thirlmere 05

3526 Thirlmere 05


        Pauls pictures from Thirlmere Railway Museum 2005






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